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SQL Queries to Manipulate Tables

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Please refer to the attached file SQL1.txt that contains SQL commands to create two tables Employee and Job_Title, and populate them with data.

Write SQL queries to accomplish following.

1. Choose a Job Description and increase by 10% all employees' salaries that have the selected Job Description (not Job Title).

2. Decrease all Exempt employees' salaries from a certain State by 15%.

3. Increase all Non-Exempt employees' salaries by 5%, if employee was hired more than 3 years ago and is less than 30 years of Age.

4. Delete Exempt employees earning a Salary greater than a certain amount.

5. Calculate the maximum salary of all Exempt employees.

6. Calculate the minimum, maximum, and average salary for each Job_Description.

7. Insert 3 additional Job_Title records that no Employee holds.
Write a Select query that displays ALL Job_Descriptions and the first and last name of anyone holding that description. The query MUST show all Job_descriptions, including the 3 additional just added.

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