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    How to Print an Excel Document Correctly

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    I have lots of information that is spread across quite a few columns and it runs down many rows. When I hit print, it cuts off the data in weird spots and gives me extra pages that are hard to read, since my data labels are all on the left side.

    I know that I should switch it to Landscape orientation prior to printing, but it still doesn't look right. I'm missing something else.

    The file is attached. Please help me understand how to maneuver around in Excel better.


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    Your question is a common one that impacts a lot of folks who use Excel: working with a horizontal collection of data and trying to get everything onto one printed page. Your frustrations can be tackled with a few, easy steps and can be used in other spreadsheets you work in:

    - File | Print
    > The Print Preview screen opens.
    > Choose Landscape Orientation from the drop-down (just like you suggested, this is an easy first step).
    > This takes you from 4 pages to 3!

    - While on the Print Preview screen...
    > Click in the Margins drop-down, choose Custom Margins.
    > I ...

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    Ever struggled with a spreadsheet that just doesn't look right when you print it? Going beyond the obvious, this suggestion provides several great tips that can help you produce wonderful printed results when working in Excel 2010.