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    MS Access 2013 Form processing multiple tables

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    Have a database for which Im trying to create a form to input the same data for multiple instruments at the same time, with no luck. For now just trying to get GC 2 and GC 5 on the same form to input the data - I have started the form (Fm_GC) and would like for it to be workable, and for data to go to their respective GC_ Perf tables. Is there any way to do this?

    Please see attached file.

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    Dear Student,

    I have gone through your project. It is not possible to do it exactly the way you have started your form. If the data resides in different tables you need to use sub-forms. A form can be bound to just one table. However, I have taken another approach. I have created a query "MyUnion" that joins all of ...

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    An MS Access Database contains several performance tables. They are joined by query and a entry form is created with search filter.