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Propose a regular expression

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Propose a regular expression

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You are working in a Human Resources Department. You and your boss got into a discussion about compensation, behavior, and motivators. You are asked to write a memo proposing alternative ways to recognize employees for their contributions and to reward them in a nonmonetary way that would have value to the employees.

Choose any industry with which you may be familiar. Be clear in your proposal as to what level of employee you are considering. You may choose several levels within an organization, such as professional, skilled, and/or nonprofessional. Support your ideas with reasons why these benefits may be considered of value. If you wish, you may include anything on the importance of retention because of the diminishing workforce. Feel free to get input from people you know.

Also, include a rough idea of what can be done with your suggestions to take it closer to implementation. Additionally, include any ideas that may help make the program get accepted and therefore be successful.

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