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    Perl: RNA Code

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    The following code is written in the Perl programming language:
    @sequence = split(//,$RNA)

    What does sequence [3] equal?

    We next use the following code to define the variable $temp:
    $temp = scalar @sequence;

    What is the value of $temp?

    How many places will the regular expression /U[AG]A/ match $RNA (e.g. how many matches for the expression: $RNA =~/U[AG]A/.
    a) 0
    b) 1
    c) 2
    d) 3

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    1. $sequence[3] should equal to the character C
    This is because:


    splits the string RNA into an character array. Notice the array starts at index 0, so $sequence[3] is ...

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    This solution quickly reviews regular expression in the perl programming language and how to apply this concept to the given problems. The solution is verified by perl.