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    Information Security (6 multiple choice) questions

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    Is there anyone that can help me be better understand the 6 multiple choice questions that are attached. Please help if you can. I feel that 5 credits for these questions is a very reasonable compensation for the review.

    There are 6 multiple choice questions which I have answered. I am requesting someone with knowledge in Information Security to review and provide some explanation if your answers are different?

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    I have tried to answer the questions and give explanations wherever required.

    1. Which best describes how malicious code can get on your computer?

    a. Email attachments

    b. Downloaded software from non-authoritative sources and websites

    c. Sharing diskettes from computers without up to date antivirus software

    d. All of the above

    e. A and C only

    My guess is "all of the above". You are correct.

    2. A way of verifying a message's integrity after transport across a network is through the use of:

    a. A Message Authentication Code

    b. Steganography

    c. An encryption key

    d. A cipher

    My Guess is an encryption key as this appears to be the safest way to transmit a message.
    You are incorrect.
    a. is the right choice.
    A Message Authentication Code is a one-way hash ...