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Three different looping examples in C++

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Design a While Loop that lets the user enter a number. The number should be multiplied by 10, and the result stored in a variable named product. The loop should iterate as long as product contains a value less than 100.

Design a For loop that calculates the total of the following series of numbers: 1/30+2/29+3/28+...30/1

Design a program with a loop that lets the user enter a series of numbers. Then user should enter -99 to signal the end of the series. After all the numbers have been entered, the program should display the largest and smallest numbers entered.

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For this posting I'll assume C++ but the loop concepts are nearly universal for the different common programming languages.

The following while loop reads in integers as long as the product of the entered number * 10 is less than 100.

int num;
int product = 0;
while (product < 100) {
cin >> num;
product = num * 10;

The loop ...

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