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C++ Programming for Personal Information

Programming Assignment 7 - Arrays

Purpose: This assignment is designed to demonstrate your understanding of repetition structures with an unknown number of iterations as well as arrays.


Write a complete C++ program with jGrasp to do the following:
 Store the first 100 multiples of a user-supplied integer
 Print these values forward and backward from storage (in an array)
 Print any values that are multiples of a second user-supplied integer or a message indicating that there are no multiples of that number if that is so.
Save your program as multiples.cpp

Program 7 will be worth 100 points and will be assigned points as follows:
Program compiles 30 Points
Header documentation (programmer info) 5 Points
User prompted values 10 Points
Personal Information (printed on monitor) 5 Points
Correctly printed output 25 Points
1 array only (and MUST create and use an array) 25 Points
Points will be deducted if you simply use a formula in a loop to print these values.
They must be stored in an array and printed from the array!
Total 100 Points


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The multiples.cpp file takes in two numbers num1 and num2.
It first stores the first 100 multiples of num1 in an array called arr[].
It then shows these multiples using a for loop and by going through the array arr[] from index 0 to index 99 (Remember in ...

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The expert examines C++ programming for personal information. An array is created to deduct the loops to print.