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C++ Programming: Constructors and Destructors

Please help identify the following statements as either true or false. If an answer is true, I need to explain why and, where appropriate, provide an example. If the answer is false, I also need to explain why.
a. Constructors can have names different from their classes.
b. Destructors have default arguments.
c. If a program uses the delete operator, a destructor is not needed.
d. Explicit constructors need to be included in every class.
e. Destructors are called each time an object goes out of existence.
f. A class can have several default constructor functions.
g. Constructors need to be declared for each class.
h. Constructors are automatically called when objects are created.

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a. Constructors can have names different from their classes - FALSE.
Constructor must always have the same name as their class, otherwise the compiler will not know that it is a constructor. The declaration syntax is different from other members - there is no return type defined.

class MyClass


b. Destructors have default arguments. - FALSE
Destructors have no arguments.

class ...

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