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C++ class

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I need help to create a program that does the following:
Create a person class to represent a person. (Call the class personType.) To simplify things, have the class have 2 variable members for the person's first and last name. Include 2 constructors. One should be a default constructor and the other should be one with parameters. Include respective functions for:
•setting the name,
• getting the name, and
•printing the name on the screen.
Have the main program call these functions to demonstrate how they work. Also, if you could help to explain to me how both constructors can be replaced with one constructor by using a single constructor with default parameters.

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define a person class using c++

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C++ Class Compositon

Create a class that simulates an alarm clock. In this class you should:
- Store time in hours, minutes, and seconds. Note if time is AM or PM. (Hint: You should have separate private members for the alarm and the clock. Do not forget to have a character variable representing AM or PM.)
- Initialize the clock to a specified time.
- Allow the clock to increment to the next second. (Hint: You need to take into account things like if the clock's time is 11:59:59 AM and you increment by a second, the time will be 12:00:00 PM. You may need to consider some iterated if statements.)
- Set the alarm and have the alarm print out "WAKE UP" when the set time is reached. (Hint: You may wish to create a private function that provides the wished-for printout when the alarm time is reached and the alarm clock is on.)
- Display the present time.
- Use the class in a program that uses the functions requiring displaying of time and setting of the alarm.
Include 2 constructors. One constructor should be the default constructor that will initialize the object to 12:00:00 AM. The second constructor should take parameters for hours, minutes, seconds, and AM/PM. Both constructors will provide the private members with the time. In addition, have both constructors set the alarm clock as off. (You will need a Boolean variable that determines whether the alarm is on or off). The function or method you use to set the alarm will set the alarm on.

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