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Fibonacci Number Visual C++ Recursion Iteration Runtime

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I need help to writing a program "VC++.net" with the specified input and output.

Use a computational program or programs you have written to do the following exercises.

Given any non-negative integer n,

a.Find the nth Fibonacci number using iteration.

b.Find the nth Fibonacci number using recursion.

c.Compare the number of operations and the CPU time needed to compute Fibonacci numbers recursively vs. that needed to compute them iteratively.

Maybe these pseudocodes been helpful;

A Recursive Algorithm for Fibonacci Numbers.

Procedure fubonacci(n: nonnegative integer)
If n = 0 then Fibonacci(0) := 1
else if n = 1 then fiponacci(1) :=1
else fibonacci(n) := Fibonacci (n - 1) + fibnacci(n - 2)

An Iterative Algorithm for computing Fibonacci Numbers.

Procedure iterative Fibonacci (n : nonnegative integer )
If n=0 then y:=0
x := 0
y := 1
For i := 1 to n - 1
z := x + y
x := y
y := z

Please attention
This program must run in the Visual C++.NET. please the whole project included in the attached Zip file.
Please write simple code that be understandable for me

Thank you

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Solution Summary

In this solution you will learn how to find Fibonacci numbers through
a) Recursion and
b) Iteration

Solution Preview

Please see the attached fibonacci.zip
It contains the complete VC++ project folder along with the source code and executable file.
This is just one way of doing it. Ofcourse as a student you need to develop your own way of completing this. In anticipation of a ...

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