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C++ output payroll report

Repeatedly prompt the user to determine whether or not there is data pertaining to an employee to be input. (Program should work for 0 or more employees.) If the user responds in the affirmative, the program prompts for each of the input data items for a single employee; the user responds in the negative when there is no more employee data to be processed.

For each employee you are to compute the number of overtime hours worked by that employee, the salary, and the overtime pay. An employee earns straight time for the first forty hours of work, time-and-a-half for up to the first 10 hours in excess of 40 hours, and double-time for any additional hours.

One report detail line should be generated for each employee


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Your problem is in the function computePay...you return the regular pay but never return the ot wages or double time ...

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C++ output payroll report is modeled.