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Baseball 2010 data

Refer to the Baseball 2010 data, which reports information on the 30 Major League Baseball teams for the 2010 season. Prepare a report on the variable team payroll that specifically addresses each of the following questions.

a. Around what values do the payrolls tend to cluster? What are the mean and median of payroll? Is one measure of location for payroll more representative than the other?

b. What is the range of team payroll? What is the standard deviation? Based on Chebyshev's Theorem, at least 75% of the payrolls are between what two values?

c. Find the mean and standard deviation of team payroll for the 14 American League and the 16 National League teams. Does there appear to be a difference in the means? Is there a difference in the dispersion for team payroll between the two leagues?

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