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Basics of Passing Arguments in C++

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Use the program, Passing-by-Value, on Ex5_02 of the text and the program, Passing-by-Reference, on Ex5_07 as a starting point for this assignment.

Write a similar program, but change the code to pass two variables to the function call rather than one.

Answer the following questions after completing both programs:

- What is the purpose of the function header?
- How may you identify the body of a function?
- What does the return statement do?

Note. Do not combine these programs into one program.

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Solution Summary

This solution shows how to pass arguments both by value and by reference in C++. It provides complete C++ program to illustrate this.

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The attached program (main.cpp) shows how to pass two arguments to a
function both by reference and by value.

The function headers show the return type, the function name, and the
list of arguments that the function takes. For example:

int incr10byref(int& num1,int& num2)

This indicates that the function named "incr10byref" returns an
integer and takes to integer ...

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