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C program working with arrays, list, macro

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1.Begin this program by creating two arrays of integers, each holding ten elements of data. Create a third array of integers for a result array. Your main program will take the two arrays of integers and pass them to the function subtract(). Inside the function, subtract the first array from the second array and put the difference into the third array. Print the values of all three arrays back in the main program.

2.Write a C program containing a linked list of ten integer numbers. Have the program display the numbers in the list.

3.Write a C program which defines and uses a macro min(x,y) that, when given two numbers, returns the smaller of the two.

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A C program (not C++) that works with two arrays of integers holding 10 elements each. A third array is created that holds the results of subtraction of items between the two arrays. Also linked list of integers is created, displayed and disposed. Macro functionality shown.

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File compiled and tested in Miracle C. All 3 tasks are in program. The results should look like this:

Program (1) ...

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