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    Network Topology Design for a Single Building

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    You are to network a ten story building capable of supporting 100 computers on each floor.

    a. What topology would work best for this project?
    b. What network hardware will be needed to accomplish the networking project?
    c. Explain your choices for the topology and hardware chosen for this IT project.

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    a. A tree/hierarchical topology would work best for this project, since there is a large number (1000) of endpoints. In addition, each floor has the same requirement (100 computers), so we can use the same design for the access layer at each floor, and then combine all 10 floors together at the collapsed core/distribution layer.

    This tree design will switch at layer 2 (data link) in the access layer, as 100 endpoints is a reasonable size for a single broadcast domain. This broadcast domain can either be a /24 or /25 subnet, as the /24 address space will provide 254 IP addresses and the /25 will provide 126. In the collapsed core/distribution layer at the hierarchy above, two larger layers 3 (network) switches will route traffic among the 10 subnets.

    b. Each floor has 100 machines, so we will ...

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    Network design with topology and hardware considerations for a single building with 10 floors, 100 computers per floor. Discussion on IP subnetting; access, distribution, and core (collapsed core) layers; layer 2 switching; layer 3 routing; redundancy and scalability.