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    Determining Subnet Address from Host Address

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    Fill in the following:

    Assume the address of a network host is If the first address in the subnet range is the address of the network that address would be ...........

    Therefore the first available address for a host would be ............

    And the last available address for a host would be ..............

    And the broadcast address would be ...................

    And finally what would the subnet mask be in dotted decimal notation?

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    CIDR address is specified as IP address / mask length in number of bits from left. Using this fact, we can easily generate the netmask in given case as shown below.

    27 = 8 + 8 + 8 + 3, that gives us quad-dotted netmask as .

    To find the network address corresponding to given IP address, we simply bitwise-AND the IP ...

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    This solution explains an easy technique to determine the first available address for the given host, the last available address for the host, the broadcast address, and what the subnet mask would be in dotted decimal notation.