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Computer Science: Interpreter, Complier, and Operators

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1. What is the difference between an interpreter and a compiler?
2. What are some languages that use an interpreter?
3. What are some languages that use a compiler?
4. What does uncertainty mean?
5. How does uncertainty affect computer programs and databases when it occurs?
6. What is an example of an instance where you had to deal with uncertainty? What were the effects?
7. What are the general stages in the development of an expert system? What occurs in each stage?
8. How is quality measured in an expert system?
9. What kinds of conditional operators are there and how are they used?
10. How might conditional operators play a role in the intensive care unit of a hospital in terms of a speaker notification system?
11. How is knowledge represented in a decision tree?
12. Why don't decision trees work well for planning, scheduling, or synthesis problems?

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1. The main difference is as followed:
a. Compiler checks syntax of program where as Interpreter checks the keywords of a program.
b. Compiler checks at a time all the program, But interpreter checks simultaneously in the editor.
c. An interpreter provides color coding to the program and helps in self debugging while writing a program.

2. The languages are perl, python and ruby.

3. The languages are C,C++,JAVA,C#

4. Uncertainty means where we cannot predict the exact outcome. in case of uncertainty we either uses probabilistic approach or fuzzy logic. Considering an example of throwing the dice or tossing the coin. If we are assuming our tools I.e. coin or dice is not biased then we cannot predict the exact outcome in any case. What we can do is just predict the probability of particular event like in case of coin the probability of getting head is ½ while in case of dice the probability of getting any no is 1/6.

5. In case of computer program if there is any uncertainty then the program will itself be difficult to design or formalize. Apart from this we even cannot predict the exact output of the program and it will be more difficult to debug. The program may not work accordingly in certain cases if there is some uncertainty involved during design.
In case of database if there is any uncertainty then will be following problems:
1. It will be difficult to store and retrieve the data.
2. It ...

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