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    Collaboration Design

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    The Whodunit system design had a great start, and providing more detail is the next appropriate step in the design process. Collaboration diagrams help provide this additional detail, and they will be the focus of this assignment.

    For this assignment, you will prepare a collaboration design and description in Microsoft Word that addresses the following requirements:

    Prepare UML collaboration diagrams using Microsoft Visio or another drawing tool capable of preparing properly formatted UML collaboration diagrams. Your diagrams should serve to document selected portions of your overall design you feel could benefit from the additional detail provided by this type of diagram, but there should be a minimum of three diagrams included in this phase.

    Paste your diagrams into a collaboration design and description document in Microsoft Word and add a thorough description of your diagrams.

    Include an appropriate title page for the assignment.

    Make assumptions as necessary, but be sure to state your assumptions.

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