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    Writing a recursive algorithm

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    The question of how many ways a committee of 4 people can be selected from a group of 10 is known as a combination. The notation in general for counting the number of ways of selecting r items from a group of n is C(n,r) = n! / r!(n-r)!

    Also, given that 0! = 1 by definition, we can show that C(n,0) = 1 = C(n,n)

    Also, C(n,r) = C(n-1, r-1) + C(n-1, r)

    Given the information above, write a recursive algorithm to find C(n,r) for any two non-negative integers n and r, with r <= n

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    The recursive algorithm is described as below.

    int C(int n, int r) {
    // First, I check the ...

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