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    Recursive Algorithm for Given Integer Array A

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    Implement two recursive algorithms to solve the following problems:

    Problem 1: Implement a recursive algorithm to find the maximum element of given integer array A. Count the number of comparisons while finding the maximum element and print input size, maximum element, and number of comparisons.

    Example: integer array A=[1,2,4,1,65,234,12,-10,-100]

    Output of your program : Input size is : 9
    Maximum element: 234
    Number of compassion: 10 (This is just an example)

    Problem 2: Implement a recursive algorithm to reverse given array of characters and print both arrays.


    Given array A=[a,c,v,f,e,r];

    Output: Array A is acvfer
    Reverse is refvca

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    The recursive function is initially called as max(A, A.length) and count is set to 0 :

    void max(Array [] A, int lastElmt){
    if (lastElmt == ...

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    This solution provides the recursive algorithm to find the maximum element of a given integer array A by counting the number of comparisons using print input size, maximum element and number of comparisons.