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    Please help me with the following. I need to modify my existing code to meet the following criteria:
    1) After the customer has entered the price per pound for each item (this step is already in the existing code):
    A. Prompt the user to input the weight of each of the five products that they are purchasing. (need this step)
    B. Compute and output (display) the total purchase amount as "Purchase Total:" (need this step)
    2) If the total purchase exceeds $50, apply a 5% discount to the total and display the discount amount as "Discount Total:" (need this step)
    3) Display the purchase total including the discount if applicable as "Total Amount Due:" (need this step)
    4) Include comments in your program to document the program internally. (need this step)
    5) Provide simple flowchart to outline the steps. (need this step)

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