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It will be necessary for you to access Service Request: ¿SR-kf-008, Tax Calculator¿ from the Virtual Organizations portal. Complete Change Request #1. Insert comments in the program to document the program internally. Attach a design flow chart to a hard copy or email of the source code of the program.

Service Request SR-kf-008 Tax Calculator

Organization: Kudler Fine Foods
Locations: All
Requester: Harvey Stephens
Description of Request: Create a tax calculation program for Kudler stores.

Background of Request:
Some food items and all non-food items are subject to a statewide sales tax and local district taxes. Due to differences in district taxes, each store uses a different tax rate.

- Del Mar - 7.25%
- Encinitas - 7.5%
- La Jolla - 7.75%

Expected Results/Impact when completed:
C program that displays the sales tax amount for each store location for a purchase amount of $125.00.

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