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    Evaluation of Conditional Expressions in the C language

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    What will be printed by the following code?

    int a = 3;

    if (a <= 5)

    if (a < 2)

    printf("a is less than 2n");
    printf("a is greater than 5n");

    Why does this occur?

    What if the initial value assigned to a is 13, not 3? What happens with this code and why does this occur? What does this tell you about setting up conditional expressions in the C language?

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    This happens because when properly formatted the code is like following.
    int a = 3; //or a =13

    if (a <= 5){
    if (a < 2){
    printf("a is less than 2n");
    printf("a is greater ...

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    Shows how to interpret conditional expressions, such as if .. else so that the code works properly with the help of braces.