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    Compute The Diameters of Rod in C Language

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    A program to compute the diameter in centimeters of steel rod, and aluminum rod, and a copper rod, which can withstand a particular compression load. The allowable compression stress of steel, aluminum, and copper is 25,000 lbs/m², 15,000 lbs/m², and 20,000 lbs/m², respectively.

    Area of rod = compression load
    Allowable compression stress

    Area = π r^2 where diameter d= 2r

    Input the compression load. Print the type of material, load, allowable stress, and diameter. Used formatted output with field with specifications that align output.

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    Hi, this is my c program. I run the code in turbo c++. Attached is my output. Hope it helps.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <math.h>

    void main()
    double comprLoad,comprStress; /*to store load,stress of rod */
    double d,area; /* for diameter and area of the rod */
    char type[20]; /* rod type */

    /* ...

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    The solution gives a complete C program on computing the diameters of steel rod, aluminum rod, and copper rod using the given formula. The output of the program is also provided for reference.