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    Business Rule Identification from ER Diagrams

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    DBMS Concepts and Business Rule Identification from ER Diagrams.
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    An example of a nonserialized item is:
    A. computer
    B. paper
    C. laser printer
    D. copier

    Please explain.

    Each ITEM may be a SERIALIZED ITEM, which is an item that is tracked individually (e.g., a computer server) or a NON-SERIALIZED ITEM, which is an item that is maintained as a group (e.g., screws in a bin). Therefore, the quantity on hand is maintained for the SERIALIZED ITEMs, and a serial number is maintained for non-serialized items.

    Paper we generally don't refer singly, we refer to set of papers in reams etc..

    The database is based on the ______ that are derived from the database initial study.
    A. mission statement
    B. tables
    C. systems procedures
    D. business rules.

    I believe this one to be business rules but I am not totally sure.

    What is the business rule that the E-R model segment in the below figure is illustrating?

    ----------------- -----------------
    __________ ___________

    ---------------- ----------------
    I I
    T T
    I I
    I I
    I ...

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