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formulate an article review

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After reading attached PDF file, please write about what you think. It requires analytical and critical skills. Your opinion should not be too short.

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Ideas to formulate an article review are integrated.

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This article offers perspectives about opportunities that have evolved from statistical data gathered through improved technologies. As technology has become more advanced over the years, it has also opened up ways for people to exploit this technology for their own gain. In particular, this technology may be used to collect data for statistical analysis like it has never been done before. Data can now be collected at a much more precise level; so precise, in fact, that technology has the capability to measure data at the most minute level. In this article, three perspectives are given in detail, each of which is related to this new-found technology and how it may be used to gather data used in statistical analysis in order to improve their personal investments. In my opinion, each person giving his perspective realizes the incredible value that this technology offers and, if used correctly, has the potential to significantly improve business profits, the worth of a company, or the performance of a sports team.

In the first interview, MIT professor Erik Brynjolfsson expresses his high regard for the explosion of new technology that has made the precision of data measurement even more pronounced than it ever was before. He realizes that with this improved technology, businesses such as his may take advantage of the precise data collection and use it in analyzing customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers equate to more profits, as it is satisfied customers that are more likely to return and conduct business again. Professor Brynjolfsson makes several good points ...

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