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Types of Software Defects

List and describe three types of software defects that inspection can detect.

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Below is a checklist in addition to:
- Comparing the source code against a standard or a guideline and
- Making sure that the code meets the project's design requirement

* Data Reference Errors
These errors are caused by using a variable, constant, array, string, or record that has not been properly initialized for how it is being used and referenced.
- Is an uninitialized variable referenced? Looking for omissions is as important as looking for errors
- Are array and string subscripts integer values and are they within the bounds of the array's or string's dimension?
- Look for "off by one" errors in indexing operations or subscript references to arrays.
- Is a variable used where a constant would work better, for example, when checking the boundary of an array?
- Is a variable ever assigned a value that is of a different type than the variable?
- Is memory allocated for referenced pointers?
- If a data structure is referenced in multiple functions or subroutines, is the structure defined identically in each one?

* Data Declaration Errors
These bugs are ...