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    Java Programming: Conference and Registrations

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    You are working with a travel agent to support a conference in Las Vegas. Attendees must register for the conference with a valid email address (see below), name and valid phone number (see below). Every conference registration has an attendee, and a number of sessions in which he/she chooses to participate. Additionally, registrations are either with or without travel (see below).

    After creating an appropriate inheritance structure for your data definition classes, write a Java application that uses an array of registrations. The application should first accept all registrations (asking the user if they need to include travel in their reservation or not). Once all registrations are entered, print a list of all attendees. Also, calculate and print the total cost for all travel.


    Valid email address:
    * Has an @ and a period.
    * Only letters, numbers and underscore in username portion (before the @); must begin with a letter.
    * At least two characters (letters or numbers) between the @ and period.
    * At least two letters after the period.

    Valid phone number:
    * xxx-­‐xx-­‐xxxx (where x is a digit)
    * xxxxxxxxx (where x is a digit)

    Conference cost:
    * All registrants: $100 plus $20 for each session (0 - 10)
    * Travel
    - Flight: $500
    - Taxi from airport: $50, or Bus from airport: $20

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    Please go over the attached 537245-Conference.java thoroughly and make modifications to it as per your requirements. This code does some error checking during user input and in case of invalid input simply asks user for it again. You can think of adding error messages for the ...

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    Attached code does some error checking during user input and in case of invalid input simply asks user for it again. It makes use of regular expressions to validate email and phone number. While printing list of all attendees, it prints even the cost and travel information pertaining to an attendee.