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Java program asks the user how many automobiles are described.

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Write a program that asks the user how many automobiles are to be described, and for each automobile it inputs the user's selection of make and color. Then it outputs color and make. Although you could do this easily using a simple procedural program, do it by using a main method in class AutomobileDriver to instantiate an object called auto from a class Automobile.

In the Automobile class, do the following:

Create a setMake() method. In this method, prompt the user "Input make of auto: ". Store their input into a make variable.
Create a setColor() method. In this method, prompt the user "Input color of auto: ". Store their input into a color variable.
Create "getter" methods for make and color.
Create a printAll() method. In this method, print the color and make of the automobile on one line in accordance to the sample session given below.

In the AutomobileDriver class, do the following:

Create an instance of Automobile.
Call the setMake() method.
Call the setColor() method.
Call the printAll() method.

Be sure your output is similar to the following:

How many autos do you want?: 2
Enter make: Honda
Enter color: Blue

Enter make: Chevy
Enter color: Red

You have a Blue Honda.
You have a Red Chevy.

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The expert writes a java program that asks the user how many automobiles are to be described.

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First, we create an Automobile class given below.

public class Automobile {

private String make;
private String color;

public String getMake() {
return this.make;

public void setMake(String make) {
this.make = make;

public String getColor() {
return this.color;

public void setColor(String color) {
this.color = color;

public void printAll() {
System.out.println("You have a " + this.color + " " + this.make);


Next, we create ...

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