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Weighted Voting System; Banzhaf and Shapley-Shubik Distributions; Arithmetic Sequence

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1) Find the weighted voting system (8: 6,3,2,1)

a) Find the percent of total weight that is quota.

b) Find the Banzhaf distribution in percent.

c) Find the Shapley-Shubik distribution in percent.

d) Find all dictators, veto power players, and dummies.

2) A teenager has 5 shirts, 7 jeans and some jackets, how many jackets must he have so that if he wore a different set of shirts and jeans each day, he could continue for 140 days before he would have to repeat a set.

4) For the arithmetic sequence 5,12,19,......
a) Find the 15 th term
b) Find the sum of the 1st and the 31 term.

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A Weighted Voting System, Banzhaf and Shapley-Shubik Distributions and Arithmetic Sequences are investigated.