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Computer Programming

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1) Greater then (>), less than (<) and less than or equal to (<=) are all _____operations.
A) text (B) arithmetic (C) comparison (D) sort by

2) A _____ allows entry of only one record at a time.
A) datasheets (B) forms (C) query (D) macro

3) One of the PowerPoint wizards, the ______ gives prompts for the type of slides show planned and the type of output.
A)AutoContent Wizard (B) Outline list Wizard (C) Presentation Handout Wizard (D) Theme Wizard

4) A(n) ______ is a symbol such as an open square or heavy dot that precedes a line of text when the text warrants special emphasis
A) outline level (B) animation (C) bullet (D) placeholder

5) A_____ is apposition within a structure , such as an outline that indicate the item's rank or importance in the hierarchy.
A) slides (B) level (C) placeholder (D)bullet

6) ______ allows you to organize your thought in a structured format.
A)show formatting (B) promoting (C) clip organizer (D) outlining

7)A Power Point slide _____ specified the arrangement of placeholders on a slide.
A)theme (B) layout (C) style (D) show

7) In Outlook's inbox message pane, a(n) ______ appears to the left of the message header and indicates an unread message.
A)paper clip icon (B)Flag icon (C) closed envelop (D) exclamation point icon.

8) The _____ appears at the top of the Reading Pane and contains the e-mail subject.
A) address bar (B) message header (C) contact list (D) arrangement

9) _____ format is the default format used when creating e-mail message in outlook,
A) HTML (B) Plain Text (C) Rich text Hyper link

10) The initial Web page for a web site is called the ______ page
A)origin (B) home (C) document (D) nexus

11) In OLE terminology the _______ program is the program in which the object you are embedding or linking was created.
A) destination (B) originating (C) source (D) parent

12) An object's height-to width ratio is referred to as its ____ ratio
A) scale (B) sizing (C) aspect (D) rotation

13) Hyperlinks can point to
A) locations external to a file (B) location internal to a file (C) e-mail addresses (D) all of above

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