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    Polling, Instructions executed per second

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    Machine M runs at 3 GHz. When running program P, its
    CPI = 1.5.

    (a) How many instructions will be executed during 1 second while running program P?

    (b) While running program P, the mouse has to be polled 30 times per second. The polling routine requires executing 200 instructions with a CPI of 2. What is the overhead, that is, the fraction of time used in polling the mouse? Is it significant?

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    Machine M runs at 3 GHz, means it is running at 3 G cycles/second. For sake of simplicity we will consider 1 G = 10^9 here.

    (a) Given that cycles per instruction (CPI) for program P is 1.5, so number of instructions executed during 1 second when running program P = 3*10^9 cycles/second / 1.5 cycles/instruction
    = ...

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