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Bit setting in the control field of a HDLC information frame

A transmission system is communicating using an HDLC Frame format. Furthermore it is using the Asynchronous Balanced Mode (ABM) configuration.

At the moment the receiver is sending an Information Frame to the transmitter. This is the 6th sequential message it is sending and it is acknowledging receipt of the 6th sequential message it received from the transmitter. The Poll/Final bit is set to 0.

What are the bit settings in the message's control field?

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Assuming the standard format (8 bits long) control field.

Since the message exchanged is an information frame, frame type is 1 bit long and has value 0.
Also given that the Poll/Final bit is set to 0.

Since we number frames starting ...

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Solution considers both control field formats - standard (8 bits long) and extended (16 bits long).