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bit pair recoding

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I have to use use bit pair recoding to multiply 010011 (multiplicated) by 011011 (multiplier).

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module bitpair_multiply (
<br>parameter bits = 32;
<br>parameter delay = 2;
<br>input clk,
<br>input rst,
<br>input start,
<br>outpu done,
<br>input [bits-1:0]data_in,
<br>output [bits-1:0]data_out,
<br>input enable_msw,
<br>input enable_lsw
<br>I took it that you are looking for code?
<br>When start is asserted, the multiplier starts by latching first the multiplicand and then the
<br>multiplier from ...

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Ideas for bit pair recoding are presented.

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