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    Twisted Pair Telco Line

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    A twisted pair telephone line one mile in length is used to carry digital data at a rate Rb bit/s. The line is equalized so that the attenuation is constant at 50 dB over the frequency range 0 Hz to 400 kHz. The phase response of the line is equalized so that it is linear with frequency over this range. Data is transmitted over the line within the bandwidth 0 Hz to 400 kHz. The transmitter and receiver are fitted with ideal RRC filters with ? = 0.4.

    a. What is the maximum symbol rate which can be sent over this link?

    b. If a binary line code is used, what is the maximum bit rate?

    c. What is the maximum bit rate with 4-ASK symbols?

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    a. We use the equation for the bandwidth B in terms or the filter rolloff r and symbol rate SR

    B = (1 + r)*SR

    Which re-arranged in terms of symbol rate is SR = B/(1 +r)

    As we are give r = 0.4, ...

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