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    volume of NaOH added during titration

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    How many millimeters of 0.500 M NaOH should be added to 10.0 g of tris hydrochloride to give a pH of 7.60 in a final volume of 0.250 mL?

    Useful information: Tris hyrochloride fw = 157.596 g/ml
    The Kb for tris is 1.2 x 10^-6
    You can represent tris hydrochloride as BH+ and its conjugate base, tris, as B.

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    10.0 g of trisHCl = 0.06345 moles

    Kb = [OH-] x (BH+/B) is the equation I will use for a buffer based on a base (tris)

    Now we sub in all our known values.

    Kb we knoe 1.2 x ...

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    It shows how to find the volume of NaOH added during titration process.