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Finding the Titration Curve

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Draw the titration curve for the titration of a 0.05M solution of acetic acid with 0.1M sodium hydroxide.

I can find the initial pH of the solution, but I am not given any initial volumes so can you point me in the right direction of how to solve this problem? If I don't need volumes can you give me a hint as to how this problem should be solved?

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This solution provides a detailed response which indicates how this problem can be solved when the volumes in the experiment are unknown. This is done in about 250 words.

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You can do this only by considering the proportions of acid and alkali. Given the concentrations, the equivalence point will be when the volume of added alkali is 50% of the initial volume of acid. With 25% alkali we find the half-neutralized point where the pH = pKa (i.e 4.76 for this acid). You have already found the pH at ...

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