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    Temperature of Carbon Monoxide Sample

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    Carbon monoxide is present at a level of 16.3 ppm by volume in an air sample taken at 15 degrees Celcius and 1.00 atm. At what temperature (at 1.00 atm pressure) would the sample also conatin 7.5 mg/cm^3 of CO?

    Can PV=nRT be used for this equation? If so, how does it relate to the 7.5 mg/cm^3?

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    16.3 ppm = 16.3 mg / dm3
    Molar mass of CO2 = 44 g/mol
    So, concentration of CO2 , C = 16.3 x 10^-3g/44 g/mol ...

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    This solution contains step-by-step calculations to determine the temperature of the carbon monoxide sample and what equations will be used.