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    A sample of unknown Y is subjected to elemental analysis

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    1. A sample of unknown Y is subjected to elemental analysis. The follwoing precentages by weight are found to be:

    C 40.0% H 6.7% O remainder of % by weight

    The molar mass is found to be 60.0 g

    A. Calculate the empirical formula (show work)

    B. What is the molecular formula of unknown Y. (Include reasoning)

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    To answer these questions, you need to take 100 grams of this substance...

    In this 100 grams, 40 grams are only carbon...

    6.7 grams are hydrogen....

    The rest, 53.3 grams are oxygen....

    Chemical formulas are simply mole ratios, and what we have above is mass ratios....we need ...

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    This solution calculates the empirical formula and shows the molecular formula of unknown Y. Work and reasoning included.