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Products of Radioactive Decays

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What are the products of the following radioactive decays?

A. Alpha emission by:
162 Re

B. Beta emission by:
188 W

C. Positron emission by:
165 Ta

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The solution explains how to identify the products of certain radioactive decay examples by looking at the periodic table and performing basic calculations with the atomic numbers.

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A. an alpha emmision is the same as the loss of a helium nucleous.
So alpha is (4,2) the first number being the mass number and the secound the atomic number.
Since our starting atom is Re(162,75) we can say that the product has a mass number of 158 and an atomic number of 73 (162-4, and 75-2)
(Re(162,75) -----> alpha(4,2) + Ta (158,73)
the ...

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