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Molecular Formula of Thiophene

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Thriophene is a carbon-hydrogen-sulfur compound used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. When burned completely in excess oxygen, its combustion products are CO2, H2O, and SO2. Combustion of a 0.535 g sample yields 1.119 g CO2, 0.229 g H2O, and 0.407 g SO2. What is the empirical formula of thiophene? The molar mass of thiophene is 84.14 g/mol. What is its molecular formula?

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Mol. Wt of CO2 = 44
Number of moles of CO2 = 1.119/44 = 0.025432

Mol. Wt of H2O = 18
Number of moles of ...

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The molecular formula of thiophene, a pharmaceutical, is determined. The empirical formula must first be found through stoichiometric principles.