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    Determine the identity of an unknown metal

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    An atom of an unknown metallic element X combines with a fluorine atom in a 1 to 1 ratio. Fluorine gas is a diatomic molecule (F2) and has a density of 1.6 grams/liter. If exactly 132.9 grams of the metal X combines with 11.88 liters of fluorine gas, determine the identity of the unknown metal X.

    Hint: For every atom of fluorine that combines, one atom of the metal element X combines. Remember the conservation of mass.

    Answer is one of the following:

    a. Na
    b. Mg
    c. Al
    d. Cs
    e. Cr

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    11.88 x 1.6 =  19.01 since liters x density = grams
    19.01/38 (molecular mass of ...

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