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    Calculate mass octanol in 1 g gasoline

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    Assume the average American car is driven 7000 miles/year.How much carbon (in lbs) is released into the atmosphere by this car? Assume gasoline is octane, with a density of 0.692 g/mL. Assume the car mileage is 20 miles/gallon.

    Calculate mass octanol in 1 g gasoline. Calculate mass of C. Calculate gallons of gas used per year. Calculate C release.

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    Gallons of gas per year = 7000 miles / year x (1 gallon / 20 miles) = 350 gallons / year

    1 gallon = 3.78L = 3.78 x 10^3 mL

    So if the gasoline is octane, ...

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    The mass of octanol in gasoline is calculated based on data collected.