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    Regiochemistry and stereochemistry in diels-alder reactions

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    How does one predict which regioisomer forms as the major product when more than one product can form? How does the dienophile affect the stereochemistry of the product? How can you predict the regiochemistry and stereochemistry for both cyclics and acyclics? Which dienes are expected to react the fastest? Which dienophiles are expected to react the fastest?

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    The orientation of the dienophile is instrumental in deciding the stereochemistry of the Diels Alder reaction. These result in exo and endo products. The stereochemistry is also dependent ...

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    Methods to predict both the regiochemistry and the stereochemistry of diels-alder reactions are presented. The formation of exo and endo products for both cyclics and acyclics is discussed. Explanations for the selectivity in diels-alder reactions are given. The order of reactivity for dienes and dienophiles is also discussed.