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polychlorinated biphenyl-containing transformers

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An industrial facility used an open paved storage yard to stage Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB)-containing transformers removed from its facilities for 30 years. The yard is bounded by workshops on the north, highway 32 on the west, a creek on east and south. Several leaks and spills in the storage yard have been documented by an environmental audit. Could you help me identify and explain possible fate and transport pathways and where PCBs might end up at the site, based on a general discussion of physical and chemical properties of PCBs.

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The expert examines polychlorinated biphenyl-containing transformers. The possible fate and transport pathways are determined.

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PCBs are organic chemicals with low water solubility and are resistant to biodegradation. They are liquids at temperatures commonly encountered in the environment. Therefore, we can expect that even though the surface of the storage yard was paved, most of the PCBs released are still present in the environment. Releases to a paved surfaces may be carried long distances by surface water. Rainwater which washes across the ...

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