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    positional congeners of polychlorinated aromatics

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    Why do the geometric dimensions of TCDD make it so toxic? Why is toxicity diminished in other congeners where chlorines are removed from the 2,3,7,8 positions, or when chlorines are added to remaining positions on the rings?

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    Why the geometry of TCDD? Simply the bioactivity of any compound tends to be positionally specific, stereospecific even. I worked with PBDEs and know that there is "a" specific congener (of the 209 congners) that has the same positional geometry as thyroxine (a iodated biphenyl hormone).None of the others has the same bioactivity (thus it is a hormonal mimic - but doesn't key the same metabolic reactions as thyroxine - so it functions as an inhibitor - hence it is an ...

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    A discussion of positional congeners of polychlorinated aromatics and related toxicological effects. Specifically focuses on TCDD and uses PBDEs as analogous example. Contains hyperlinked references