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Pipetting and diluting

A solution has a concentration of 3.8mg/ml of protein.

a) 7 μl of a 10-5 dilution of the original solution contains how much protein?

b) How much should you dilute the original solution to get a protein concentration of 2 μg/ml?

If you could also give me a web site or attachment that may help me to under stand other problems like this i would apprecate it. Thank you.

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I'm going to start with the (b) part:
<br>To figure out how much you need to dilute a 3.8 mg/ml solution to obtain a 2 ug/mL solution, you simply divide the original concentration by the final, desired (more dilute) concentration. But first, you have to make the units of concentration agree.
<br>There are 1000 micrograms (ug) in a milligram (mg),
<br>so 3.8 mg/mL = 3800 ug/mL
<br>(3800 ug/mL) / (2 ug/mL) = 1900
<br>So ...