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Wet and dry basis sample questions

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3. 10 kg of food at a moisture content of 320% dry basis is dried to 50% web basis. Calculate the amount of water removed.

4. A batch of 5 kg of food product has a moisture content of 150% dry basis. Calculate how much water must be removed from this product to reduce its moisture content to 20% wet basis.

5. A liquid product with 10% product solids is blended with sugar before being concentrated (removal of water) to obtain a final product with 15% product solids and 15% sugar solids. Determine the quantity of final product obtained from 200 kg of liquid product. How much sugar is required? Compute mass of water removed during concentration.

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3) 1st step : calculate the amount of water in the food
let x = kg of water in food before removal of water

3.20 = x / (10-x) ---> dry basis equation, that is the ratio of the water to the component other than water
32 - 3.2x = x
32 = 4.2x
x = 7.619 kg water in the food

2nd step : come up with an equation that balances the mass
mass of food before water removal = mass of food after water removal + mass of water removed
let P = mass of food after water removal
let W = mass of water removed
10 = P + W
P = 10 - W -----this ...

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Wet and dry basis sample questions are examined.

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