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    Weight percent for components of mixture

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    A solid sample weighing 0.2736 g of ethylammonium chloride appreciably contaminated with ammonium chloride (but no
    other contaminants) required 34.20 mL of 0.08177 M NaOH for complete titration. Find the weight percent of each
    component in the mixture.

    This was a problem on a handout that our class got, and I was really not sure how to even begin working it out...it seems like there's not really enough information to figure it out...?

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    Hi again,

    Like you say, I do not see how you can comprehensively answer this problem with the provided information....

    Here is why, and I would give both the following as an answer:


    NH4Cl is a stronger acid than (ethyl)NH3Cl as the positive charge in the latter is relatively stabilised by the inductive effect of the alkyl group (PKa of NH4Cl = 9.2, NH3(ethyl)Cl = ...

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    weight percent for components of mixtures are examined.